Just A Thought for August 8
August 8, 2015
Just A Thought for August 9
August 9, 2015

The Effect of Righteousness

Effects of Righteousness

If it wasn’t for the righteousness of God given to us through Jesus’ finished work, we would be unable to meet God’s standard and be without hope. But PRAISE GOD He provided Jesus to fulfill all righteousness for us, and as His children, we walk in right standing with all its privileges.

Isaiah 32:17 gives such encouragement as it defines the effect of righteousness in our lives. “And the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.” (ESV) Too often we can allow bad news to challenge our thinking and unsettle our hearts. If we don’t put a stop to it by continuing to walk in His righteousness, we can easily be undone.

But the effect of walking in His righteousness each day will be  PEACE. The effectual working of righteousness in you will be a peaceful heart which will further result in an internal quietness and trust. No matter what you hear, you will not be moved because your heart is established in righteousness and you are calm and quiet under fire.

Declare today that because you are the righteousness of God, you have a right to walk in peace, that God’s peace that rules and reigns in your heart, directing your steps.

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