Just a Thought for September 13
September 13, 2015
Just a Thought for September 14
September 14, 2015

Wave Upon Wave

wave upon wave

I’m still sharing ‘beach thoughts’ because there are so many things we can learn from God’s world. When you’re at the beach, if you’ve gotten into the waves, you know how they splash against you and many times wash over you. The same thing happens if you’re sitting on shore in the wet sanding. I’m sure you’ve seen sand writing that only lasts until the next high tide and then it’s washed away.

The ocean waves have such spiritual lessons for us. I remember when I was in 9th grade and my Dad faced cancer surgery. I prayed asking the Lord to let my Daddy live, and immediately I felt waves of His peace and joy literally washing over me. I knew he would be okay, and he was.

It doesn’t matter what’s already gone on in your life or what you’re facing now. God’s waves of grace are ready to wash away any guilt, condemnation, stress and pressure right where you are. And when you need more, another wave is just on the horizon (Hebrew 4:16).

Know that you are His beloved child, and He’s provided waves of grace.

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