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December 22, 2015
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December 23, 2015

An Early Christmas Celebration

An Early Christmas Celebration

It’s not too early to celebrate CHRISTMAS! If you have children, you know they’re definitely ready to enjoy the fun of Christmas celebrations.

Be encouraged to keep the true meaning of Christmas as your primary focus. Enjoying time with family and presents are fine but it’s important to always focus on what Christmas is: the announcement and celebration of God’s gift of love to us in His Son. The happy update today is that Jesus is not the baby in the manger, but He’s alive and living in you if you’ve believed on His name.

Celebrate Jesus todayHe’s celebrating you today because He loves you, so celebrate His love for you. I like the way Paul puts it in Acts 13:38-39, and I paraphrase, through this man [Jesus] is preached unto you the forgiveness [that is, the freedom, pardon, remission and liberty] of sins. And by Him ALL that believe [believe, commit to, trust] are justified [rendered innocent, just, free] from ALL the things which you could not be justified by Law of Moses.

Jesus came to provide this freedom, this liberty, this forgiveness. It’s God’s gift to you. I hope you’ve opened this wonderful gift and will share it with others.

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