Just A Thought For February 6
February 6, 2017
Walking In His Love
February 7, 2017

February In The South


Winter is well underway here in the South, Georgia to be exact, and even though the “S” word is not in the forecast this week (SNOW), it is quite cloudy with rain on the horizon. It’s a little chilly outside as well so we’ll stay nice and warm inside. (BTW, the picture was from last year). We trust your New Year is going along smoothly and will be stupendous for you. We’re juggling a few things on our schedule: writing, writing, writing. After all, isn’t that what writers do? We continue working on the daily devotions for our other website as well as informative and encouraging articles for our health website. And, oh yes, we are getting a little travel in here and there, usually not gone for more than a week. (You should see the bag of seashells I got!)

Last week I also celebrated three birthdays, two from afar, and one here (mine)! The other two birthdays from afar were for some two special ladies, both in California. My sweet mother-in-law turned 95 last week, and a dear, sweet friend turned 99 years old! Congratulations and Birthday Blessings to both of them. And this week another two of my very special friends are having birthdays, also. I do believe that February is birthday month. Whether you’re turning a year older now or sometime later this year, enjoy every day that the Lord provides. It is truly because of Him that we live, and move and have our being. Blessings to you all!

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