Just A Thought For February 12
February 12, 2017
Just A Thought For February 13
February 13, 2017

Let His Mercy Flow


Just as there are particles displaying the colors of a prism, so there are aspects of God’s character in His prism of mercy. There are several ways to define or explain mercy but most center on compassion, kind forbearance, pity, or benevolence. All of these are actions that show the heart of mercy which is LOVE. In the Old Testament two Hebrew words for God’s mercy are racham meaning to love, to show mercy (in action), compassion, and chesed meaning goodness, kindness, lovingkindness. Most New Testament references have the meaning of compassion, showing mercy (AllAboutGod.com). As a believer how do you show mercy to those around you? It may be in putting an arm around a coworker who just received bad news, or going the second mile for someone else, or even doing a random act of kindness for someone who has no one to help them. God’s mercy knows no bounds and it’s only limited by our heart actions. Let’s be quick to have compassion, to forebear with those who irritate us, and to forgive. After all, love, mercy, and grace flow together from Him, through you, to others.

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