Just A Thought For April 1
April 1, 2017
Breathing In His Grace
April 2, 2017

What? It’s Already April?

Does it seem that this year is starting to roll by faster than in previous years? It does to us. Maybe that’s because we’ve been BUSY. When you’re busy, you’re sure time goes faster than when you’re bored with nothing to do.  In February and March I did some painting at our house. It started with our small, narrow closet. And as we’ve always discovered, one thing leads to another. That was the case for the closet project because before I could actually paint inside the closet, I had to remove all that we had in it. That was a good time to eliminate clothes we would no longer wear. I finished the closet and we’d trimmed down our wardrobe, and I must admit, it looks so much nicer. Well, after that I guess I still had the ‘painting bug’ so I tackled an extra bedroom that had been our exercise room but now has also become my craft room and our exercise room. More of a challenge for this room because I had to repaint the dark stained window trim and window sill as well as the floorboard. I’m happy to say that the trim and doors are all now white and the room went from blue to an white-gray tint. It’s a completely different room now. Oh, yes, we also built a closet in the downstairs bedroom all within 10 days. Spring is a good time to refresh things around your house, but don’t forget you can be refreshed any time by drenching yourself in the Word of God’s Grace. I highly recommend this type of activity because the benefits are eternal.

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