Just A Thought For May 21
May 21, 2017
Just A Thought For May 22
May 22, 2017

God’s Blueprint For Living

I recall years ago we had a company put on a room addition for our house. They came and found out just what we wanted and drew up the plans. The contractor had a blueprint for what we desired and how to do the work. They could have just not used a blueprint but what if they forgot some important things we definitely wanted? No, they followed the blueprint and we had a great room addition that we enjoyed using. God’s blueprint for living is simple, and it’s not in rules and regulations of what you need to be sure to do. It’s simply in His Son Jesus, in His love and righteousness for you.

His Grace is the only blueprint you need to enjoy the life He’s given you. His grace declares you’re righteous through Jesus. It declares that everything Jesus purchased is yours. The only requirement is that you believe. You can’t receive something you don’t believe in. God’s blueprint is full of His goodness, blessings, favor, joy, peace, and so much more (2 Peter 1:2). Why look elsewhere for what you need? Operate in His blueprint and you’ll do just fine.

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