Just A Thought For May 17
May 17, 2017
Just A Thought For May 18
May 18, 2017

The Prism of His Presence

Various frequencies are all around us. There are sound waves, light waves, gamma rays, radio waves, and who knows what else that can’t be seen to your natural eyes. But, they are there, and with certain instruments you can see these. You don’t actually see gravity but you definitely experience its manifestation. Well, it’s the same with God’s Spirit, especially when you’re a believer. You’ve got the Spirit of God in you. You don’t have to go looking for Him. He’s in you. You don’t always see the manifested Spirit of God, but your heart sees—perceives—His presence with you.

You may even feel His presence and closeness. His presence, His peace and joy can touch your heart. When you are aware of the prism of His presence, you know He is supplying whatever it is you need at that moment. Is it calm in the midst of turmoil? Is it peace in the middle of unrest? The prism of His presence is with you right now for whatever you need. Open your heart and tap into His presence. “In His presence is fullness of joy” (Psalm 16:11, NASB).

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