Just A Thought For November 29
November 29, 2017
The Gift Of Compassion
December 1, 2017

What You Should Always Remember

What you should always remember is that God loves you and Jesus died for you. When Jesus lives inside of you, you’re the container of God’s power, His mercy, love, and His grace. It’s too easy to let life’s struggles get us down where we only see the problems and forget the God who lives in us. Let’s not forget His benefits as David mentions in Psalm 91. But understand that you have better promises, secure and true, because of the New Covenant of God’s Grace through Jesus’ sacrifice for you.

Read Psalm 91 benefits through the lens of the New Covenant. That should get you downright excited. Everything that Jesus provided at the Cross is yours as His child. You’re the apple of His eye, and He seeks to do only good for you. He is your refuge and fortress, and your protection. You don’t need to fear day or night. Pestilence, plagues, sickness/disease cannot come near you, and His angels are always there to protect you. Need further encouragement? The Lord says He will rescue you, protect you, and when you call on Him, He will answer and be with you in any troubles.

These are the things you should remember.

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