Just A Thought For December 3
December 3, 2017
Just A Thought For December 4
December 4, 2017


Years ago we visited Six Flags with our children, and our daughter really wanted to go on the ‘new’ Freefall ride. Neither her brother nor I would go with her so that meant Dad would have to go with her. He wasn’t excited about doing it, but to make his daughter happy, he obligingly went. The countdown started and suddenly they dropped, falling straight down (buckled in safely of course). She loved it. Jack not so much; in fact even now he doesn’t like climbing tall heights. What was so much fun about freefall? I suppose the risk or thrill factor. People will stand in line to experience and feel the thrill and risk as they are pummeled safely to the ground.

When it comes to spiritual steps of faith, they will balk at what I call a spiritual freefall. Most won’t take that final step. What is spiritual freefall? When you totally let go of your hold on things going on in your life. It’s when you abandon your feelings of doubt, worry, and anxiety, and totally fall into Jesus. The bottom line is trust. In your spiritual walk are you going to trust God? Are you going to trust that Jesus will come through for you, no matter what obstacle you face today or tomorrow? We’ll look into this topic more in the days ahead. Meditate on 1 Peter 5:7 today and understand that spiritual freefall isn’t as scary as it may sound.

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