Just A Thought – January 19
January 19, 2018
Just A Thought – January 20
January 20, 2018

Go Ahead And Stomp

One of my favorite movies is Quigley Down Under. There’s one scene where Quigley needs to find resources and leaves a young lady in a cave with a baby they rescued. When dingoes approach the cave entrance intent on killing them, instead of stifling the crying baby, she holds it up shouting “Cry, Baby. You Cry”. The baby had no trouble screaming while she grabbed the gun and shot and killed the dingoes. (Quigley returns and all is well). She could have stayed in fear because of her past failure, but she didn’t. She realized she could defeat the approaching enemy, and she did. You’re already seated together with God through Jesus Christ. You have His authority, and it’s time to act like it. Don’t be fearful or afraid. Jesus already defeated the enemy. You’re victorious in Him. Go ahead and stomp.

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