Just A Thought – February 16
February 16, 2018
Just A Thought – February 17
February 17, 2018

Build On Your Clean Slate

You might think you have a blank slate each new morning, but you should actually be starting out with a full slate and build from there. Here’s what I mean as we read how Eleanor Roosevelt put it. “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” Each new day gives you a clean slate, a new start, new available strength, more grace (because His grace never runs out), and abundant love and hope. You may argue that you aren’t seeing that. I have to ask if you are factoring in the finished work of Jesus for you and meditating (thinking) on it. If you neglect this factor, you won’t see any change. Jesus has already given us ALL things that lead to godliness and God’s blessed life. When we don’t see that occur it’s because we aren’t walking in His provisions. Believe what Jesus has done, and by grace through faith allow it to grow in your life. It’s a new day, a new start. Renew (change) your thoughts and you’ll experiment more fulfillment of God’s best for you.

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