Just A Thought – February 10
February 10, 2018
Just A Thought – February 11
February 11, 2018

Centering Your Thoughts

I remember taking archery in Junior College. The goal, of course, was to aim and hit the target, and even better, hit the center target. It reminds us to aim and hit the center target in our daily thinking. Let’s face it, our thoughts can be random and all over the place during the day, especially if unexpected situations cross your path. That’s why you need an arsenal of God’s Word in your heart so when those times comes (most likely every day), you’ll be able to aim the Word on what is yours in Jesus. Don’t center your thoughts on what you think or feel or especially on the negative things others have said. Center your thoughts on the Word of God’s power working in you and you’ll hit the mark every time and be victorious! That’s living from the inside out!

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