Just A Thought – February 1
February 1, 2018
What Kind Of Fruit Is That?
February 2, 2018

The Songs Of Winter


Wow, it’s already February. It snuck in quick and caught me off guard. Trust you are enjoying the beginning of a wonderful month!

We’re still in WINTER WEATHER, however, without the snow thankfully, but it’s cold nonetheless. I am really READY FOR SPRING.

Sometimes in these cold, winter months we may feel that God doesn’t care about us. It isn’t true because you’re the apple of His eye. I’m reminded of a picture I saw recently of a cardinal sitting on a snowy tree branch. Talk about challenges and cold weather. He didn’t look worried. He took things in stride, and continued trusting His maker for provision. I’m sure that’s why he continues singing his beautiful melodies. Let’s take his example and takes things in stride. Don’t let the cares and worries of life weigh you down but keep looking up. Keep singing your song of thanksgiving for all that God has done for you! THAT’S the song of winter being heard all over the world.

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