Just A Thought – March 17
March 17, 2018
Just A Thought – March 18
March 18, 2018

How Think Ye?

How think ye?… (Matthew 18:12). We’ve been looking at this idea of thinking. It seems people have certain ways of thinking. I believe that early childhood can help form how we think, as well as how God created us. Raised with parents who always think positively will guide a child into thinking positively, and the same is true for negative parents. Remember the child’s story “The Little Engine That Could?” It taught kids to think they can do what they set their minds to do—the value of optimism and doing your best. They can get up and over the hill. How about the ant that moved the rubber tree plant? Positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic, good or evil, right or wrong, self or others, How think ye?


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