Just A Thought – March 6
March 6, 2018
Just A Thought – March 7
March 7, 2018

The Provided Rest

The Church for the most part drills believers that they must continue to do certain things so that God will either be pleased with them or grant their requests. The emphasis is on us not on God and what He has already done. The only thing God wants us to do is believe on the name of His Son (John 16:31) and rest in His goodness. For too long we’ve had the mindset of working our way to Heaven and we push ourselves into reading the Bible more, witnessing more, praying more. Those aren’t bad activities but they don’t bring you to a place of rest and assurance because you’re the one trying to do more. You need a spiritual rest that’s anchored in Jesus and His love. The more you recognize God’s love and grace working in you, the more you’ll rest in His goodness. It starts from the inside.

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