Just A Thought – June 24
June 24, 2018
Just A Thought – June 25
June 25, 2018

Don’t Listen To The Skeptics

When you face a problem, who do you consult? Do you consult with skeptics—those who don’t encourage you to believe God for the answer? Do you consult with naysayers who tell you it isn’t possible because the proof is in the bad report you received? The moment you face a problem is the moment you need to consult with the Word of God, and with those who believe God’s power, love, and grace is yours as a believer, and who will stand with you in faith believing God’s Word.

Consider the problem the children of Israel faced when they sent spies into the Promised Land. Read the entire account in Numbers 13. Moses told the 12 men to enter the land and see what it is like, how the people are, etc. Ten of the men saw something horrible, yet two of them saw potential. What was the difference?

Joshua and Caleb had a different spirit—the spirit of confidence and faith in their God. They didn’t listen to the skeptics, the other ten men in their conclusion. They all saw the same obstacles and enemies. Joshua and Caleb listened instead to the Spirit of God within them, assuring them they were well able to overcome what was ahead.

No matter what you face, today or tomorrow, you are well able to abound in God’s blessings, favor, and grace. Don’t listen to the skeptics. Listen to God’s report and you’ll overcome.

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