Just A Thought – June 6
June 6, 2018
Just A Thought – June 7
June 7, 2018

Kingdom Increase

Have you been planting His Word in your heart and by faith believing it? The more you do, the closer you are to Growing His Kingdom Within You as we learned from Matthew 6:10 NASB. You cooperate with God by believing His Word, making it your stand of faith, and allowing it to grow in your heart by faith. The result is that He grows and increases in you. That’s exciting news because His result will always be increase. If we lack increase, then we need to reconnect in planting His Word, the word of His finished work.

If you don’t plant any seeds, you won’t get a plant or any crops. Jesus has already provided the best possible outcome—HIS LIFE manifested in yours, overflowing with His abundant blessings and grace. So, keep planting and growing His Kingdom within you.

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