Just A Thought – May 31
May 31, 2018
Just A Thought – June 1
June 1, 2018

Melt Your Fears Away

Psalm 97:5-6 is full of life-giving freedom if you’ll open your heart and receive it. I’ve been meditating on this verse and especially the first phrase, “the mountains melt like wax before the Lord”, and I continue receiving greater revelation of God’s presence in the midst of my troubles and fears. If the mountains melt like wax before the Lord, what does His abiding presence in you do to the fears that assault your thinking? They MELT. I’m convinced the more we practice His presence in our everyday life, the more we’ll see His power, love, strength, and release from those ‘mountains’ that want to overpower us. Let His presence be full inside of you. It’s time to enter into His presence by focusing on His finished work, and knowing that fear is but a tactic of the enemy, and Jesus has already defeated all fear. All fear will melt away when your focus is not on the fear but on Jesus inside of you.

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