Just A Thought – June 26
June 26, 2018
Just A Thought – June 27
June 27, 2018

You’re Bigger Than A Grasshopper

When everything seems overwhelming, and grasshoppers seem like giants, it’s time to change your vision. We saw the importance of that the other day in Numbers 13 when twelve men went into the Promised Land to spy it out. The 10 naysayers saw the obstacles, the enemies that surrounded the area, and in their opinion, in their mindset (vision), they were but grasshoppers, ready to be devoured.

Why was Joshua and Caleb’s declaration so different? Their mindset, their thinking, centered on what God promised them as His people. God had been faithful to them in all their journeys in bondage and now in freedom. They declared that truth when everyone else wanted to run the other way.

Don’t allow your thinking to be compromised from the power of God’s Word and His faithfulness to you. Dig into the Word. Take His promises, secured in Jesus for you, and stand on those. You’re well able to conquer the grasshoppers and giants in life because you are more than a conqueror through Jesus (Romans 8:37).

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