Just A Thought – July 31
July 31, 2018
Just A Thought – August 1
August 1, 2018

In God We Trust

And in his name shall the Gentiles trust” (Matthew 12:21). The Bible also translates “Gentiles” as “nations”—any non-Israel nation. It’s interesting that the New Testament uses the word “trust” very little and a lot in the Old. The word for trust in the NT is the same word used for hope. In the Old Testament, hope is trust. In the New Testament, we moved to faith as the operative word. Faith is the substance of hope. We now have a person to place our hope, trust, and faith—Jesus.

New Covenant believers have an abiding hope within. With the Holy Spirit residing within us, we have hope, trust, and faith residing in our hearts. By grace through faith, we come into a completely new relationship with God, which the Old Covenant people didn’t have. We must be born again and that results from believing in the finished work of the cross. That is the moment we put our hope, trust, and faith in the person of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, we trust.


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