Just A Thought – August 29
August 29, 2018
Just A Thought – August 30
August 30, 2018

Living Out His Promises

How can you live from inside out if you don’t know what you actually have on the inside? Many believers only know a few realities and struggle to overcome obstacles and setbacks in life. We’re in this world but we’re not part of it.

Here is where you will need to fortify what is inside so you can live it out. Here is where understanding God’s promises—that are eternal—will fortify you to live life to the fullest. What God promised in the Old Testament is a forever promise. He doesn’t give and then take away.

When you see God’s blessings from the point of the Cross and Jesus’ finished work, it fortifies your heart in all that God has done for you. The promises are ‘yes and amen’ so don’t ever consider they’re no longer available. As a child of God, they’re in you. Allow faith to release His goodness and blessings and it’ll change your world.

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