Just A Thought – August 7
August 7, 2018
Just A Thought – August 8
August 8, 2018

Peace Rules

We’re bombarded daily with thoughts of unrest through social media, television, and other avenues. There isn’t much in the world to give us peace—lasting peace. How do you combat that? Start by changing what you watch, listen to, and believe.

But you say ‘how can I have peace with the medical report I just got?’ ‘How can I live in peace when there’s war all around me?’ Peace isn’t just quiet and calm around you, dependent on outward circumstances. Peace is part of you, your inward strength, and your renewed life as a child of God.

You may have not tapped into all of it yet. Peace calls those things that are not as though they are (Matthew 4:17). Peace declares safety, protection, and deliverance from the devastating storm outside. Peace says it shall not come close to you (Isaiah 54:14).

Renew your mind and allow peace to overrule your heart and thinking. When you’re filled with Jesus, Peace rules.

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