Just A Thought – August 19
August 19, 2018
Just A Thought – August 20
August 20, 2018

Stepping Out Of The Boat

Too many chide Peter’s action of stepping out of the boat and walking on the water to Jesus because their focus is on him going under. They see failure rather than the boldness to go. Granted we’re all prone in the natural of being hesitant to step out into new situations, new areas of spiritual life. Yet, the longer we stay IN the boat, the longer we stay where we are at the moment. Jesus promised He will NEVER leave us or forsake us, so why should we doubt and think we’ll drown?

There comes a time in our spiritual walk when we must connect with the power of God within us. We must rise above what the natural eye sees, and in faith believing, reach for the fulfilled promises of God through Jesus. It involves changing where you’re looking and your focus. The more you focus on “I’m not sure God will do this for me…” the more you feed that doubt.

The power of God is within you—His full power that includes everything you’ll ever need to live in this world. It’s overcoming power. It’s power to abide. It’s power of healing and provision. Focus on Him, and allow your heart to be settled in His love. The more you do, the sooner you’ll be stepping out of the boat.

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