The Box – Part 3
August 1, 2018
Just A Thought – August 2
August 2, 2018

Your Establishing Factor

Establishment—an interesting word. Oxford Dictionary says it’s the action of establishing something or being established. Collin’s English Dictionary further defines it as the act of creating it or beginning it. Our country (USA) was created and begun by the Pilgrims, and the establishment continues today in thousands of cities, counties, within each state. I trust you enjoy living in that establishment.

Correlate that to your spiritual establishment created when you became a child of God. Before you were separated from God, but because of Jesus, you’re reconciled and born into a new kingdom—the Kingdom of God.

Do you know the benefits of your new establishment? Isaiah 54:14 say that ‘in righteousness you shall be established’. It’s not your own righteousness, but the righteousness of Jesus that has been transferred to you. The establishing factor in your spiritual walk is what Jesus has done for you. Renew your mind and thinking in this reality.

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