Just A Thought – September 20
September 20, 2018
Just A Thought – September 21
September 21, 2018

Being Fruitful

Daily you and I learn more about this love-walk with Jesus, and each day we incorporate more of His love into our lives. When we do, it automatically flows out of us to others, yet the church’s focus for so long has been on the fruit your life is or isn’t producing. With that focus you feel condemned and guilty if you’re not producing fruit, right? I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Fruit is produced when a tree continues to receive nutrients in a healthy environment. You don’t see trees trying to produce fruit. They just do because they’re receiving and living in a good environment. I like how Ed Elliott puts it, “it isn’t about you trying to develop spiritual fruit through your own efforts. It is God who grows His fruit in you.”

When you know and walk in God’s love, others will see His joy and peace expressed in your life. It is visible in us through our gentleness and selflessness.

Allow God’s love to permeate your entire being and you will be fruitful.

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