Just A Thought – September 24
September 24, 2018
Just A Thought – September 25
September 25, 2018

Don’t Panic – Rest



Too often we see storms on the horizon and we allow panic/fear to be our course of action. That’s what the disciples did just after experiencing God’s power when Jesus miraculously fed thousands. They saw what He did, yet when they got into the boat to go to the other side and encountered a storm, they forgot that Jesus was Jesus (John 6, Matthew 14, Mark 6). Clint Byars says that Jesus is always going to be Jesus. It is His nature to provide, to heal, to protect, and everything else.

Our problem is we focus back on the storm, the lack, the pain we’re experiencing. So, how do we overcome?

Be convinced of who God is. Be convinced of His faithfulness and all that Jesus has done for you. Maybe it’s time for a refresher course on how He has taken care of you through difficulties.

Get your mind and spirit in agreement with His Word, His faithfulness, all that is yours as His child, and rest (trust Him). There’s no need to panic.

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