Just A Thought – September 26
September 26, 2018
Just A Thought – September 27
September 27, 2018

Focusing Your Eyesight

Let’s talk about our eyesight. I’m glad the Lord gave us two eyes. Our eyesight is precious. Many people have trouble focusing and may wear glasses to refine their eyesight and be able to focus better which is fine. What about spiritual eyesight? We’ve touched on that before, but there’s more to expand here. What happens in our lives? Things are going good and we sometimes ignore our focus—where we give our attention. Our attention can be focused on things ‘out there’ but they should be focused on the image of God in us.

You see, the hidden man of the heart helps define your focus. Your hidden man’s eyesight is perfect when centered in Jesus and His finished work. What happens to us when we compromise and allow our focus to be on our own efforts to do better and be better? We lose our eyesight and our focus blurs.

The solution? Continue to renew your thoughts and heart in God’s truth and grace, and the power of His Word will have greater revelation and focus in your life.


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