Just A Thought – September 28
September 28, 2018
Just A Thought – September 29
September 29, 2018

Improving Spiritual Eyesight

Why don’t we see with supernatural eyesight? Unless we’ve been transformed by God’s power and the finished work of Jesus, we’ll still see out of our natural eyes. But God wants us to see with our spiritual eyes. How can you receive new eyesight without a natural operation? By, renewing your heart and mind in God’s truth and grace, and changing your focus.

Then every time you meditate on the Word, every time you meditate on everything God has done for you, your eyesight improve. When you start, your eyesight is a little foggy, and things are unclear. But the more you input the Word your mind and heart through your eyes, you’re improving your spiritual eyesight. It’s what I refer to as revelation. One day you’re reading the Word and the lightbulb comes on. You say “Oh, I see what God is saying” or “Oh, now I see how this scripture makes sense.

Improving your spiritual eyesight is dependent on the power of God and focusing on life-giving words in God’s Word.

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