Just A Thought – October 14
October 14, 2018
Just A Thought – October 15
October 15, 2018


A good earthly father wants his children to listen to his words and follow his instructions, right? Your Heavenly Father wants His children (you and I) to do the same. Proverbs 4:4-5 (ESV), sums it up best in what Solomon wrote of his experience with his father (King David): 4“he taught me and said to me, Let your heart hold fast my words…5Get wisdom; get insight; do not forget, and do not turn away from the words of my mouth.”

You may not have had a great example to follow. No disqualification there. It leaves the door wide open for you to find out everything God had given you.

Notice Solomon said to hold fast to my words. Hang on to the words of wisdom. Hang on to words of guidance and direction. Don’t let go of the words that will direct your life in God’s path. Hang on to God’s Word because it will always provide wisdom, understanding, joy, and peace in your life. Don’t let go of His Words, but hide them in your heart.

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