Just A Thought – October 3
October 3, 2018
Just A Thought – October 4
October 4, 2018

How Are You Thinking?

Are you one of many believers wanting to be spiritually minded which is life and peace? (Romans 8:6) Or are you like many who do not experience life and peace that Paul speaks of here? There are two principles at work – being led by carnal thinking which leads to death, and being led by spiritual thinking leading to life and peace.

Carnal thinking doesn’t produce peace no matter how hard you try. It might for only a moment but then falls short. The more you follow it, the sooner you can be depressed, and if you continue along that line, you’ll stay depressed.

So, how do you counter these times? How do you rise above and have victory? Change your thinking. Change what you are meditating on. Spiritual thinking bases its position on God’s ways and that He can make a way when there doesn’t appear to be one.

You can stay depressed and not enjoy life. Peace will evade you. But as you change your thinking, you’ll experience the joy of the Lord.


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