Just A Thought – October 24
October 24, 2018
Just A Thought – October 25
October 25, 2018

IN Christ

EW Kenyon said it is hard for some believers to become God-inside-minded. Is it hard for you? It is only when you do not know or understand that you are IN Christ. That means, as we’ve said many times, that God lives BIG in you. Jesus took up residence when you accepted Him as your Saviour, your redeemer, your righteousness. But many don’t build their understanding on what that means in their life.

As we’ve seen in Ephesians, chapter 1, Paul is amplifying our understanding of this new life IN Christ. When you grasp the full meaning that you are IN Christ, it changes your perspective on life and infuses you with power—His power. And that’s what God desires: that we grow IN the power of Christ IN us.

When you’re fearful and worried, Jesus IN you is your Peace, your Strength. When you don’t know which direction to go, Jesus IN you is your wisdom, guidance, and direction. When you are sad, Jesus IN you is your joy, full, and beyond satisfying. Become God-inside-minded because YOU are IN Christ.

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