Just A Thought – October 29
October 29, 2018
Just A Thought – October 30
October 30, 2018

In Need Of A Stronghold

Did you realize Jesus is your Horn of Salvation? You know Him as Savior, but the term ‘horn of salvation’ refers to the saving power of kings. As The King of Kings, only He has saving power. He is your horn of salvation, your way-maker, your provider of righteousness, eternal life, of God’s grace.

Psalm 18:2 is such a wonderful picture of Jesus—a strong rock, a fortress, a deliverer, our strength, our shield of protection, our salvation, and our stronghold.

When battles are fought each side plans to take the stronghold of their enemy or whoever they battle. A stronghold is where power resides—the territory of the powerful—so when you see Jesus as your stronghold, no matter what the enemy brings against you, you’re safe, and he is defeated.

See Jesus as your stronghold. When things get touch, run into your stronghold and feel His presence, His strength, His love, His power protecting and delivering you. He is your stronghold.

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