Just A Thought – October 12
October 12, 2018
Just A Thought – October 13
October 13, 2018

Who Are You?

Who Are You? You may have asked yourself that question upon seeing your reflection in the mirror—or looking at your teenager who acts differently than the sweet child you’ve raised. But what about the real you? Who are YOU?

The world and even other believers may question who you are when you declare what God’s Word says about you. They may not understand as you do and so they question. Don’t be pressured from the outside to change what you know is true on the inside as a child of God—that Jesus lives in you, you’re His child, He is pleased with you, has made you a king and priest before God, He is your righteousness, and you are deeply loved by Him. You are IN Christ, and He is IN you (Galatians 2:20).

Christy Kyser Mitropoulos says the external world tries to show you evidence to disregard what God says is true about you in Christ. Stand strong and believe His Word because THAT’S who you are.

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