It’s All About Jesus Daily Devotions
November 19, 2018
Just A Thought – November 20
November 20, 2018

A Carrier Of Hope

Throughout the Word God talks about upholding (confirm, support, maintain) His people with His righteous right hand. The right hand represents power and strength. We are forgetful of His right hand many times. We get in a tight spot and we squirm and complain, don’t we? We forgot He is upholding us with His right hand of strength, power, and righteousness. He is WITH us…and IN us…but we forget.

YOU can be a carrier of HOPE to others who are in the same situation. You’ve been there so you know what it ‘feels’ like. You can offer HOPE to others by sharing God’s words in Isaiah 41:10—don’t be afraid or fearful because God is with you. Don’t get discouraged because He is strengthening you, and He is your help. It may look bleak at the moment, but things are subject to change especially when you factor in HIS WORD!

Be a carrier of Hope to those around you today. Give them an encouraging word. Give them a hug. Let them know that God loves them and hasn’t abandoned them. You’ll brighten someone’s world when you do.

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