Just A Thought – November 17
November 17, 2018
Just A Thought – November 18
November 18, 2018

Living In Your Love Relationship

We’re such fickle people. Even believers. The world can change on a whim and usually does. Yet, many times situations come at us or appear to be against us, and we lose our sure footing in the promises of God, at least initially. What is the cause for the shuffle? I think it’s like Paul Ellis said in Escape From Reality, we don’t abide in the love of God.

John 15:9, NLT says “I have loved you even as the Father has loved me. Remain in my love.” We’re to abide, remain, in the love of God. John is proclaiming God’s unconditional love to you through Jesus. But that’s only part of his declaration. It’s followed by his invitation. Because He loves us (Jesus), we’re to abide, in His love. That means stay firmly rooted in His love, recognizing that no matter what transpires in your life, His Love will never fail or stop. You can abide, stay, not be moved away from His love.

So, when the road gets bumpy, LIVE in your love relationship and you’ll sail through life’s difficulties.

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