Just A Thought – November 4
November 4, 2018
Just A Thought – November 5
November 5, 2018

Multiple Colors of His Love and Grace

Let’s look at John 1:4 in more depth today. Jesus is the same light and life desiring to shine brightly in your heart and mind today. When you allow the Word to reveal Jesus to you in greater ways, you’ll see the multiplicities of His love and grace. You can’t find these in the world because the world is still in darkness, not comprehending the Light. It is revealed only in the Word. Why is that important in your life?

Without the revelation of God’s unending love and grace, you’ll not see the things that are already yours in the Word. It’s like a child learning to distinguish colors. You start by showing what the color blue is. Then you continue pointing out objects that are blue. Soon the youngster knows what the color blue is and can find it when asked.

That’s how it is in our lives. The more we read and see the multiplicities of God’s love and grace in Jesus, the more we understand His great love which enables us to walk in these benefits. The Greater One lives IN you, so let Him shine with color to others.

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