Just A Thought – November 7
November 7, 2018
Just A Thought – November 8
November 8, 2018

Pursued With God’s Goodness


The other day we said that God is the author, originator, and administrator of good, not bad. And because He is good, His goodness for you as His child (the BEST GOOD there is) not only surrounds you but pursues. His desire is to bring you into everything He has for you. And we already know that means everything good!

This is extremely GOOD NEWS for every human being! It’s time to RENEW an old mindset that thinks God is out to get you, ready to bop you on the head if you do one thing wrong.

Jesus took all the wrong and bad so you could enjoy God’s good. THAT is something to rejoice and get excited about today. His goodness is following you, pursuing you today and all your tomorrows.

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