Just A Thought – December 11
December 11, 2018
Just A Thought – December 12
December 12, 2018

A Child’s Example

Messy rooms and toys scattered about seem to be the norm for most young children, including my grandkids. One particular babysitting time I wondered how on earth they’d be able to find anything. I waited in the car with my grandkids while my daughter went into the store. My young granddaughter mentioned she couldn’t find one of her toys. With all the grandkids in the backseat I shared with them how the Lord can help them find what is lost, relaying to them an experience I had.

I hadn’t realized my youngest grandson had listened so intently but he caught the message of asking Jesus for help. The following morning my daughter called to tell me that he ran down the stairs declaring ‘Jesus helped me find my toy’. When he woke up, he couldn’t find a particular toy, and asked Jesus to help him find it. Minutes later he found it and was so excited!

He just experienced an answer to prayer. What a good lesson to learn at such a young age. We need to follow his example don’t you think?

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