Just A Thought – December 26
December 26, 2018
Just A Thought – December 27
December 27, 2018

Changed Mind, Changed Life

Yesterday we said that negative habits change your brain in negative ways, or for the worse, but positive habits change your brain for the better. One of the main ways to see this operating in a person’s life is to look at a depressed person. Most negative people are always complainers, and that’s a slippery slope to further depression.

Depression itself has to do with the way the brain deals with stress, planning, habits, decision-making and numerous other things because it’s the dynamic interaction of all those circuits. What usually happens is once a pattern starts to form, dozens of small changes throughout the brain create a downward spiral, and soon the person is depressed.

Because our brain possess something called negativity bias, it causes the brain to focus more on negative circumstances than positive. Even continual complaining if allowed to circulate or loop through the brain will eventually alter thought processes. And these altered thoughts lead to altered beliefs which lead to a change in behavior—complaining, negative thinking, or depression.

But child of God, the remedy is simple and easy. Change your mind (renew it) and you’ll change your life. Don’t think the way you’ve been thinking. Start with a grateful heart for all that Jesus has done for you. That will definitely change your outlook for the better.


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