Just A Thought – December 25
December 25, 2018
Just A Thought – December 26
December 26, 2018

Correlation Of Thoughts And Actions

There’s a reason we continue to encourage believers to renew their minds. Our spirits have been renewed—reborn—when we accepted Jesus, but our minds and thinking must be renewed to our new life. Sadly some believers don’t ever do that.

I find it interesting that science is finally catching up with Biblical truth, at least in some things. A renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Michael Merzenich, proved the relationship between our thoughts and structural changes in the brain. He talks about the neurons in our brain, and says that your experiences, behaviors, thinking, even habits, thought patterns, and way of reacting to the world are inseparable from how your brain wires itself. It’s a dynamic interaction of our thoughts that actually can change our brain.

So, how does this affect the believer? If you continue to think negative thoughts and develop negative habits, your brain will react in negative ways continually pushing you in a negative direction. But if you make positive habits, your brain will change for the better.

My suggestion is to daily renew your mind and thinking in the truth of who you are IN Christ. That’s correlating your thoughts and actions by renewing your thinking and thus creating new brain patterns. That’s the starting point, and that’s living from the inside out.

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