Just A Thought – December 2
December 2, 2018
Just A Thought – December 3
December 3, 2018

Do You Have A Grace Deficiency?

The other day we talked about moving on from Salvation Corner and entering into more of God’s grace which is divine influence on your heart and its reflection in your life.

Many believes are actually Grace Deficient. It’s similar to having a physical deficiency, for example, of Vitamin C in your body. But a grace deficiency keeps you under the law and where you feel you have to do something to ensure your salvation. Hey, salvation is a free gift, right?

Let’s not try to keep earning it when Jesus already provided it. “Grace and truth came through Jesus” (John 1:17).

The more you allow God’s Word of grace to influence your heart, the greater grace you’ll experience. God’s grace is more than sufficient to meet all of your needs, so you shouldn’t be deficient in His grace.

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