Just A Thought – December 15
December 15, 2018
Just A Thought – December 16
December 16, 2018

Don’t Forget His Love

Any chiropractor will tell you when you body is out of alignment, you’ll have potential problems. He or she can help you get back into alignment with their skills, stretching muscles, bringing body parts back to their proper place. It’s amazing when that happens because you then feel good.

So how do we get out of alignment in our spiritual lives? We forget how much God loves us. We let the world attempt to push His love away. We let the lies of the enemy/world alter who God is: Love. We let our misconceptions of how we see God, and thus Jesus, color a world with dos and don’ts in order to be loved. This is when our spiritual alignment gets messed up.

The more we align ourselves to the truth of how much God LOVES us, the sooner we’ll see how great His love is. The sooner we’ll be free from lies. The sooner we’ll walk in the freedom and grace He’s provided.

It’s time to become a child and see the love of the Father for you—just the way you are today, where you are.

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