Just A Thought – November 30
November 30, 2018
Just A Thought – December 1
December 1, 2018

Don’t Stop But Continue

Sometimes I’m surprised at how little believers know of the Word and of their New Covenant rights in Jesus. I think some have stopped at salvation and not gone deeper. I hope that’s not you—but if it is, I hope you are encouraged to press into more of what God has for you.

It’s like learning a new type of game on whatever device you have, whether it’s your computer, iPad, or phone. There’s always a learning curve when you begin. You don’t get everything perfectly right to start with, but the longer you go, the more proficient you become.

That’s how it is in your spiritual walk when you continue pressing into more of everything God has for you. It’s hooking your faith on His Word and believing it no matter what. It is discovering His faithfulness each time you stepped out in faith. It’s not being moved by circumstances.

So, don’t stop, but continue on. His blessings and provisions don’t stop and there’s plenty more besides.

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