Just A Thought – December 19
December 19, 2018
Just A Thought – December 20
December 20, 2018

His Light Shining Through You

Just as Jesus is the LIGHT of the world, so are you!

We tend to forget that. We tend to forget THE LIGHT is in us. We forget our light is strong. We forget our light also provides light to others. We forget we are the light in this world.

Light dispels darkness. Light overcomes darkness. Light shows the way, yet many believers are overcome by the darkness in the world. They haven’t filled their lives with His light and life. They try to get by with a little light, a Bible verse they knew in Sunday School when they were young. That’s okay but we need to fuel our light/lives with His life every day.

Let’s not forget that we have HIS light in our earthen vessels, and His power shines through us each time we smile, each time we give an encouraging word, each time we lift up Jesus.

Allow His Light shine through you today.

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