Just A Thought – December 21
December 21, 2018
Just A Thought – December 22
December 22, 2018

Living In The Sunrise


Have you ever watched the sunrise at the beach? It’s amazing to see little peaks of light at the horizon. Then gradually the heavens light up with wonderful color. The horizon glow soon invades the entire darkened sky. What had been dark and unbearable now becomes full of God’s color signaling night has passed and day is come.

That’s how it is when we live from the inside out. The more we focus on Jesus and His finished work for us, the more light we see ahead. And, the more we are drawn into that light as it continues to explode within us.

You may not be quite at that point yet, but don’t fret. You will get there. Continue focusing on Jesus. Learn about what is yours through Him. The revelation of God’s reality at work in your heart will not only settle your mind and thoughts but propel you into all that He has for you.

It’s not over by any means. The best is yet ahead for you, so keep your eyes open because the sunrise is taking place now.

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