Just A Thought – December 23
December 23, 2018
Just A Thought – December 24
December 24, 2018

Transformed and Changed

Tomorrow is Christmas celebrated by countless thousands of people around the world. Some focus on the presents while others focus on why we celebrate it. Not long ago I watched a video clip for a potential movie. It was from the perspective of a young shepherd who met Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem. His encounter with them led him to find where they stayed and to see the promised Messiah.

This young shepherd saw the great light in the sky but something was different about that night. Something drew him and other shepherds to the manger. He began as a crippled shepherd, but the closer he got to Bethlehem, the less he struggled to walk. He finds Joseph and Mary and the baby, and when he knelt before them, something else happened to him.

The same great light he saw in the fields exploded in his entire being. He stands realizing his leg and foot were normal. No longer was he a cripple. He knew the baby was God’s son, the promised Messiah—His Messiah. That revelation changed his entire life. It changed his heart because he knew that God was for him, and that’s when he believed.

It’s your turn to let the revelation of God’s son transform you from the inside out. The result will be stunning.

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