Just A Thought – September 3, 2019
September 3, 2019
Just A Thought – September 4, 2019
September 4, 2019

The Stop And Go of Life

On a recent trip while exiting the interstate I noticed just how much traffic is on ‘surface’ streets. Everyone is going somewhere. But it wasn’t the traffic that caught my attention. It was the Stop Lights—the signals. I realized they—the stop lights/signals—directed people on the roads. I also recognized the signals determined when you can go, and definitely when you need to stop. That got me to thinking.

Our lives are full of many stops and goes along life’s journey. Sometimes it may be you’re facing too man stops. Whatever has brought about a temporary stop in your life isn’t the end of the road. Life goes on. Soon the light changes again, and you’re moving forward once more.

I think of King David, and even though in his day they did not have anything so sophisticated as ‘signals’, he still experienced some stops along the way. I’m sure if it wasn’t for some of those stops, his life could have been different. But, in every situation King David kept going forward. He really didn’t retreat. He pressed deeper into God, following Him with his heart, and David enjoyed continued blessings.

That’s how we should live. Keep moving forward. Don’t let a temporary stop keep you from pursuing your dream or a new job opportunity or anything else good. Just because you have a stop along the way doesn’t mean life is over. Life goes on and so should you.

Don’t retreat or let the pressure of the temporary stop cause you to stay negative about yourself or your life. This is especially true in the area of emotions. When you let them run your thoughts, you’ll be in a continual flux between thinking good but following some irrational emotions directing further thoughts and decisions. Remember that emotions are always subject to change. So, how do you do that? You wait out the red light, the wayward emotions, and you’ll find yourself back in your lane, traveling ahead to better things.

Yes, there are many stop and go times in life. That’s to be expected. Just don’t stay at the stops too long; otherwise someone will be blowing their horn at you.

Keep moving forward. God’s got even better things ahead for you.

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