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January 22, 2020
Just A Thought – January 23, 2020
January 23, 2020

Multiplying God’s Grace And Knowledge


You learned basic mathematics in your early school years. You know—how to add, how to subtract, how to divide, and how to multiply. Yet, too often in our spiritual walk we forget our spiritual multiplication table. There’s only one table and it encompasses everything Jesus accomplished and provides for you.

I think that’s why 2 Peter 1:2 has so much depth of meaning for all of us. Yet, when we’ve read over it, we could miss what is multiplied for us AND in us. Here’s what it says: “Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” Paul wanted God’s Grace and His Peace to become a known and activated truth in believers. He wanted all of us to personally know God and Jesus.

This knowing is much more than mere head knowledge. Many believers stay in the arena of head knowledge in their spiritual walk. Yes, they read the Bible and know what Paul said, and agree with our ‘yes, amen’ to the facts of the Gospels. Yet, many may lack understanding in how to apply the truth and power of the Word for personal spiritual growth.

Joseph Prince explains the knowledge of God this way: “The word for “knowledge” here is the Greek epignosis, which refers to a heart experience of what and Who God is, rather than mere intellectual knowledge of facts about Him. It is a knowledge that is gained through an intimate and personal relationship with God.”

It’s time to go beyond facts about God and what Jesus did. Everyone can learn the facts. The challenge is how are you growing in the truth of those facts? Are they multiplied in you?
Growing in the truth of what Jesus finished centers on continuing to hear how good God is. It centers on renewing your thinking on God’s goodness and Jesus’s love for you. It’s rehearsing what the Word tells us about God—that He is good, always; that He is for you, always; that He love you, always. What does continually reminding yourself of these facts do in you? You are actually planting truth deeper in your heart and soon the truth planted in your heart will produce fruit—the fruit of God’s righteousness in you.

Remember the process of learning your multiplication tables in school? You continued to go over them, saw them on paper, and practiced remembering their order. You continued to go over and remember what five times five is (5×5=25), what seven times seven is (7×7=49).

Spiritual multiplication uses the same principle—practice, practice, practice. Spiritual multiplication is remembering God’s goodness, continuing to renew your thinking in His goodness and love, and allowing His truth to settle and be grounded in your heart.

As Joseph Prince adds, “you will experience His unmerited favor and supernatural peace in the area of your challenges. That is when you will find His strength, wisdom, and supply multiplied tangibly in your life.”

Keep working on your spiritual multiplication. Continue speaking His Grace and Knowledge into your life. As you do, you’ll be moving beyond what has held you back and confidently pushing into everything God has for you because of Jesus. Spiritual multiplication isn’t hard.

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