Just A Thought – April 22, 2020
April 22, 2020
Just A Thought – April 23, 2020
April 23, 2020

Seedtime and Harvest


Last week we introduced how sowing or planting works in our lives. We looked at Matthew 13, and saw how some seeds of the Word planted in good soil produced a small crop, or a larger one, and even a huge crop. The same principle of sowing and reaping that works in our physical world also works in our spiritual life. Sowing will always lead to reaping. If you don’t sow initially, you won’t reap a harvest. Farmers will confirm that reality.

Spiritual sowing and reaping involve our hearts. Many times, our hearts are hardened from wrong teaching and believing or from others who have brought us under condemnation. Even experiencing trials and difficulties in life color our perception of what we can expect in our spiritual walk. It’s the rocky places, the sun-scorched places in our hearts, the experiences that tried to choke out the reality of God’s Word in our hearts (Matthew 13:5-7). Notice how our heart is involved in all of this.

The more you activate or act on the truth of the Word the greater will these seeds of God’s power grow in your heart and manifest in your life. That’s one reason we stress the importance of knowing the Word, meditating on it, and living it out. This is where you don’t want to settle for a small crop of God’s best for you.

I believe it all starts with what you know and understand of God and how much He loves you. When you do, it’s easier to connect with His goodness and love. It’s easier to affirm your identity as a child of God, transformed by the power of the blood of Jesus. As you do, the power of His Word will grow in you.

Then it isn’t hard for His Word to produce even greater results in your life. When you receive the truth that healing is yours, and stand in faith believing for it to manifest, the greater your crop will be. It’s the same principle for everything that Jesus purchased for you, your New Covenant benefits. They’re increase as you believe and develop them in your heart and life.

Don’t settle for a small crop of God’s best for you. Allow your heart to believe and receive even more. The harvest is ready. How much will you receive?

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